The Flickring Light

Blimey, week 7 of #mosomelt already? Time for a quick reflect. I managed to create a custom Google map and actually find a use for it. I’m helping to organise a student conference later in the year, and created a map of local accommodation . Great to be able to learn something and then apply it so soon.

This week I had a look at Flickr for the ‘Mobile Image Sharing’ activity. I’ve been on Flickr for nearly 10 years but not really used it much. However, seeing that I could use a private group for a class to share images and comments gave me an idea that it would be a good way to support distance students in our analysis and design classes. We currently get them to share images  via forums in the LMS, but a Flickr group would seem a much better way of doing it.

Next week is mobile audio sharing, which is also somewhat timely as I have recently been looking at the publication process for Spotify. Like my recent experience planning to publish with Kindle, an interesting insight into  how creative media work these days.

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So many widgets, so little time

This week I had a go at the WordPress widget options. I was amazed by how many there were, but since must of the links were to things I didn’t have or wasn’t interested in I ended up trying to remember my Flickr password so I could at least add one widget. Having learned they exist, I’ll probably use more on my actual blog, which has real content, rather than this one, which has none of any consequence.

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Getting Started

Yeah I was supposed to do this three weeks ago. I started with activity three – adding myself to the map. Looking at another pin on the map I realised someone else had put their WordPress blog link on their location, so I figured I should do the same. I already have a WordPress blog but realised it was going to get messy using that for #mosomelt, hence this one. Hopefully I will catch up now. Back to activities one and two….

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